Embroidery Terms Glossary

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Embroidery Terms Glossary

Running Stitch    
Running stitch happens when a single stitch forms between two points, such as outlining, underlay, thinner lines, and fine detail. Sometimes the letters would express by running stitches due to small space. 
Also known as a running stitch or walk stitch.

☀ Satin stitch
Formed by closely placed zigzag stitches that are often used to create borders, letters, and outlines. It can be embroidered at any angle and with varying stitch lengths. 
Satin stitches can range in width or height from 
English letters: 3.5-4 mm at least.
Chinese letters: 10mm in height at least. 

However, the wider the satin stitch, the more susceptible they are to snagging and abrasion.

Also known as a column stitch.

☀  Tatami Stitch

Series of running stitches are used to cover large areas, and they generally have a flat look. Different fill patterns can be created by varying the length, angle, or repeating sequence of the stitches. 

Also known as a complex fill stitch or fill stitch.

Comparison between Running stitch & Satin stitch

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