Embroidery patch Introduction

Ta Cherng is a seasoned embroidery patch factory with years of industry experience. We offer a wide variety of woven badges. We have fire-resistant badges made with flame-retardant fibers, embroidered badges with gold and silver sequins, and we also provide custom badge services. Generally, arm badges can be made with up to 9 colors of embroidery thread. For more than 9 colors, there will be an additional charge for each extra color. We offer various shapes for our embroidered arm badges, including round, fan, arc, shield, square, polygon, irregular, and many more. We also offer rhinestone arm badges, including pure rhinestone badges and rhinestone embroidered badges. Additionally, the minimum order quantity for our towel embroidered products is 500 pieces, while the minimum order quantity for general embroidered arm patches is 50 pieces.